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Socioeconomic Development Network

Black IZ Beautiful is a collection of online websites that delivers social and economic opportunities for creative individuals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and Black-owned small businesses. We are laying a foundation for the Black community to mingle and collaborate.

You can take advantage of both opportunities and start your own online business. And if you do not have the expertise to set it up and get started, we will do all the backend work for you so you can just start earning money. Choose from a variety of online business ideas. READ MORE ABOUT IT

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  • Audio/Video

    Upload your videos or music; create playlist, video channels, Go live and share around the Internet and world...

  • Internet Services

    From web design to hosting and email, you can find the services that make your life easier online and in the real world...

  • Life Education

    We teach and you learn or the other way around; you can teach and others can learn. Check it all out...

  • Social Media

    Black communities, conversation on topics of concern to us; photos, protected spaces and familiar faces...

  • Blogs/Content

    News and information to keep you woke at all times; read, write and research to grow and to know what you need to know...

  • eCommerce/Biz

    Make money, spend money with Black-owned businesses. Start a business or freelance your heart out. Advertise and expand...

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  • The traditional job market is changing and other earning opportunities are becoming more popular...

    The traditional job market is changing and other earning opportunities are becoming more popular, such as work-at-home, entrepreneurship, and freelancing. And many traditional businesses have taken advantage of the Internet to operate more efficiently.


  • Find your talent or improve your skills and start your own business. Make it your goal to work for yourself...

    This section of the operation is most vital in helping to bring major change in society. America is a Capitalist society, which dictates how the economy is run, what goods and services are bought and sold, what career choices are available to us and at which social and economic status our families will end up. Black America has always taken a back seat to the majority privileged and for years has been stuck at second-rate jobs and careers, regardless of how hard we work or how much education and money we have.

    The standard rule is that Blacks are not supposed to have as much as their majority-counter parts where it pertains to material possessions, property, education, status or prestige; and certainly not power. This is obvious from America's episode of having a Black president. Most Congress people or people in high positions simply refused to take orders or suggestions from a Black man...Read More

  • Sell your stuff online at our Black-owned platform. Start video courses, coaching and more...

    The BIZB is taking steps to liberate struggling individuals and communities to help them compete in today’s economic world. By connecting money, power, and knowledge to one another, we believe our time is not too far away. Join us today while the getting is good..

    Start supporting our communities by helping us stay relevant in the struggle for economic empowerment. Donate or invest any amount as a one-time payment or a reoccurring investment opportunity. ...Read More

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